Addressing East and West Facades

Sustainable Snippets

These faces of the building are difficult to shade, as they receive low angle rays from the rising and setting sun. Common shading features such as horizontal projections, usually fail in such situations. Our 3 case-studies explain methods to address these tricky areas of the building.

Addressing East, West Facades; Graphics: Credits below
  1. Park Royal – The East, West facades are shaded using self-shading, achieved due to the E-shape projections from the Plan.
  2. CapitaGreen – Of all the vertical green on the facade, larger amount of greenery is provided on the East, West facades to shade them.
  3. Cleantech One – Sky gardens and planters on these facades help cool the labs and create pleasant breakout spaces.

Graphics : All graphics are produced as part of a team project for M.Sc. Integrated Sustainable Design at National University of Singapore (Building Semester – Stage 1 – Complex Living Systems). Group Members – Gajender Kumar Sharma, Aditi Bisen, Huang Hongbo, Zhao Yanming
Text: Aditi Bisen

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