11 Essential ‘Need-To-Knows’ before LEED AP BD+C Prep (Part 2)

part 2

This article is written by our contributing Author – Aditi Bisen.

Last week in Part 1, we covered the first 5 (of the 11) essential ‘Need-To-Knows’ before starting preparation for the LEED AP BD+C examination. This week, we go through the remaining 6 ‘Need-To-Knows’.

  1. Candidate Handbook
  2. Exam Fees
    • LEED Green Associate
    • LEED AP BD+C
    • Combined Examination
  3. Requirements, Prior Knowledge
    • Mandatory Requirements
    • Recommendations
  4. Registration
    • Account
    • Credentials
    • Registration
  5. Scheduling
    • Prometric Centre
    • Alternate Exam Delivery
  6. Questions and Time Limit
  7. Format of Questions
  8. Minimum score and Marking System
    • Minimum Score
    • Marking
  9. Calculations
  10. Some memorizing required
  11. USGBC Help

6) Questions and Time Limit

(i) 2 hours, 100 questions

(ii) As mentioned in the first post, the questions are longer (than LEED Green Associate) and include more detail. You will need to quickly sift out relevant bits to answer the questions.

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7) Format of questions

(i) Questions are multiple choice.

(ii) There can be one choice or multiple choices as answers. (The exam will specify for each question whether it needs a single answer or more.)

(iii) During the exam, you can attempt, skip, mark questions (to come back to later), or leave comments for your reference.

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8) Minimum score and Marking System

(a) Minimum Score

You need to score a minimum of 170 out of 200.

(b) Marking

(i) The Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) marking system is unique. You cannot assume that if you answer 85 questions correctly, then you pass (That is, each question is not allotted 2 marks uniformly, which would mean 85 X 2=170).

(ii) 15 questions (of the 100) are not marked. They are only for evaluation purposes.

(iii) The remaining questions have the marks divided amongst them based on specific criteria such as difficulty level, application etc.

(iv) There is no negative marking! (Thank the Universe!!) You can safely attempt all questions.

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9) Calculations

(i) There are (basic) calculations involved in this examination.

(ii) You will have access to an inbuilt calculator on the exam screen.

(iii) In addition to this, you will be provided with a marker and sheet to do written calculations.

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10) Some memorizing required

This exam expects you to be trained enough to be a LEED AP BD+C professional. Consider this example – If you’re a doctor, you need to know various symptoms, their causes, preliminary treatments etc. off the top of your head. When your patients consult you, you can’t go around rummaging through notes and handbooks to give an answer. Well here you’re not a doctor, but still training to be a professional. So, we feel the same rules are applicable.

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11) USGBC Help

We have tried to mention all relevant ‘Need-To-Knows’, before starting LEED AP BD+C prep. You may have additional queries. You could leave a comment, contact us here, or refer to the USGBC help page. The USGBC page is a wonderful resource with many pre-answered questions. You can also ask them a question, if you feel, your query has not been covered in this section.

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Look out for the remaining articles in coming weeks. If you have suggestions for other topics or queries related to this content, kindly let us know in the comments below.

Alternatively, you could leave us a message here.

Thank you!


About the Author

Aditi Bisen started writing for ‘The Architecture Gazette‘ in 2016. She is an Architect and LEED AP BD+C with a Masters in Integrated Sustainable Design from National University of Singapore. You could connect with her here-

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+

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